Finding locations with a future - a question of trust

When acquiring residential properties, we focus on two things: the condition of the property and the economic strength of the location. In order to fulfil our value proposition for our clients, the property and location must meet a large number of defined acquisition criteria. In our view, this is the only way to ensure sustainable returns.

Asset class:

  • Residential
  • Residential and commercial buildings (and/or with secondary office use)
  • District centres
  • Medical centres
  • Student flats
  • Retirement and social properties
  • Playschools

Structuring of the Investment Object:

  • Privately or publicly funded
  • Asset or share deal
  • Project developments; forward deals or forward funding deals
  • Freehold and leasehold

Investment volume per property:

  • From EURO 10 million - no upper limit

Risk profile:

  • Between core and value-add (e.g. stocks with development potential)

Geographic focus and preferred location:

  • Cities with a population from around 50,000 or in the direct catchment area of a metropolis
  • Urban neighbourhoods with good transport connections / infrastructure

Property quality:

  • Conventional residential use with a focus on two to four-room flats
  • We place particular emphasison sustainably achievable rents that are affordable for broad sections of the population
  • Well designedlayouts and furnishings
  • Modern energy standards in line with the current EnEV (German Energy Saving Ordinance)
  • Secondary commercial component, e.g. facilities for everyday needs
  • Long-term leases to commercial tenants with good credit ratings as well as a balanced tenant mix.

We acquire for:

  • Mutual funds
  • Special funds
  • Privatisation business
  • Portfolio management INDUSTRIA

Do you have an interesting property offer?

We require the following documents for the initial review:

  • Address of the property/properties
  • Year of construction and brief property description
  • Tenant list with areas and rents
  • Photos of the property

Basis for the offer

If you are not the owner, please provide written proof that you have been engaged directly by the property owner to sell or broker the sale.

We would also like to point out that this application profile does not constitute an offer to conclude a brokerage contract. We regard every written property offer as an offer to conclude a brokerage contract, which only comes into effect on our acceptance in each individual case. We do not consider ourselves obliged to return any documents sent to us.

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