The INDUSTRIA customer portal for our tenants and property owners

Our goal

A better, faster service for our clients combined with increased transparency and around the clock availability – from home or on the road, just as you like.

What you can expect

Personal such as the payment of your credit or questions about ancillary costs can be sent directly to your contact person. Do you have a notification of claim? No problem at all; simply upload it with a picture and the notification is sent directly to your personal point of contact.

Our service for you

Regardless of our business hours you are able to view your contract details and documents, download forms as well as change personal details via the INDUSTRIA client portal.

Your personal requests

Send us your personal requests such as making a change to your banking details or, a request for a rental certificate – simply and directly via your own log-in area.

Report damage quickly and directly

Would you like to report damage in your apartment or for your garage / parking space? Nothing could be simpler – simply upload a picture of the damage and send your message directly to your personal contact.

All tenants and owners will receive a letter from INDUSTRIA containing a registration code with which you need to register at You can then log in to the customer portal either on your PC or download the “INDUSTRIA” app from the Play Store or App Store.

Do you have questions about THE CUSTOMER PORTAL?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information:
Phone: +49 69 83 83 98 0