Subsidised housing - combining profitability with social responsibility

Affordability of housing is currently one of the greatest social challenges. This issue has long been a major concern for INDUSTRIA. We are a first mover and have been investing in subsidised housing for years. We currently have around 2,000 housing units in our portfolio. We intend to continue to grow strongly in this field.


Subsidised housing meets ESG criteria

For both institutional and private investors, the topic of sustainability in its three dimensions of ESG (ecology, social and good corporate governance) is becoming increasingly important. In the residential real estate sector, affordability plays a major role alongside energy aspects. Sustainability and returns are not contradictory. Contrary to widespread fears, it is possible to achieve adequate returns with subsidised housing. These are only marginally lower than in privately financed housing. In return, the addition of subsidised housing makes an important contribution to the diversification of a residential portfolio.


Partnership between public authorities and the private sector.

Within the framework of our existing investments in subsidised housing, we work well with many municipalities. Over the years, effective working relationships have been established. We know the interests of the public authorities and understand their needs.

Subsidised housing in Germany is supported through many models. There are subsidies from municipalities, from the states and from the federal government. We have a good knowledge of many models and know where a combination of several models makes sense.

Project developers

Early cooperation between developer and seller pays off.

We have good relations with many developers active in the subsidised housing sector. We often acquire the properties through forward deals or forward funding deals. Especially in subsidised housing it is of utmost importance that we, as the end investor, are involved in the planning and conception at an early stage. In this way, we can contribute our vast experience in this area and achieve optimal results together with the developer.

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