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Maximum transparency, individual solutions, and immediate investment capability:

The demographic change and regulation of the financial market pose new challenges especially to institutional investors. As an investment with low risk and long-term returns, real estate investments are becoming an increasingly critical asset for insurance companies and pension funds, linked with the high expectations associated with professional portfolio management.

INDUSTRIA is able to meet these requirements in every respect: Since 2010 INDUSTRIA , as asset manager, has been operating 10 property special funds and realizes investments in cooperation with M.M. Warburg. With these special funds we invest in existing housing and new buildings, located in economically strong areas of Germany, generating consistent, reliable earnings for our institutional investors.

In this context our focus is always on high levels of transparency and safety standards for this investor group. For this reason INDUSTRIA always issues recent reports and information, additionally regular investor meetings take place. Our long-standing experience in the field of portfolio management not only enables us to offer customized structures, but is also the reason for the successful performance of our property special funds. In the future we plan to expand on this business segment with appropriate offerings.

„Our clients' needs change with the market conditions. Our task is to transform these needs into products, thereby meeting our investors’ expectations. Close proximity to our clients and continuous dialogue with them help us to achieve this.“

Thomas Wirtz, Managing Director

SCOPE AWARD Bester Asset Manager Winner 2024

The "SCOPE AWARD Best Asset Manager Winner 2024 Institutional Real Estate Residential" was awarded by Scope Analysis GmbH on 16 November 2023. These are expressions of opinion and not a rating as defined in Regulation (EC) No. 1060/2009 on credit rating agencies. The award does not constitute a recommendation to acquire or dispose of units.

The jury’s statement:

“The winner in the ‘Institutional Real Estate Residential’ category pursues the strategy of investing in affordable or even social housing. To this end, INDUSTRIA primarily purchases new buildings with good or very good energy efficiency. Some 60% of the assets managed by INDUSTRIA are in ESG products. The company excels with higher yields than its competitors – both over a single year and over a three- and five-year time frame.”

Advantages for institutional investors:

  • Real-estate special funds in accordance with the German investment law/ investment code
  • Special assets in the M.M. Warburg group
  • Stable value through site concentration on metropolitan regions and cities with positive growth figures
  • Active portfolio management including portfolio maintenance, controlling, and risk management
  • Eligibility for deposit premium (‘§54 VAG’) and according to ‘AnlV’ for attribution to property quota

Portfolio management
Pulling out all the stops - a task for professionals

Yield enhancement, cost reduction, process optimisation:

Creating and adding value for our clients is not only our philosophy and passion, but our specific task as a portfolio manager. However, INDUSTRIA does not just understand this to mean managing residential properties on a grand scale. As an active asset and property manager, we exploit all value enhancement potential that specifically secures and increases our investors’ capital.

Our investment style is fully aligned with the requirements of our two investor groups: We only select properties with high development and utilisation potential in economically strong German locations. In this way, we satisfy the low risk appetite and long-term return expectations of private and institutional investors. Residential properties and locations characterised by high future viability lend fungibility to our portfolio and thus the necessary short-term adaptability to a capital market that is subject to constant change.

Our services for increasing the value of investments extend over the whole life cycle of a property: from acquisition or financing to property management, value creation and enhancement to cost optimisation, INDUSTRIA offers all portfolio management services from a single source. In this way, we develop and implement all-round customised and optimised investment strategies that lead to stable income and sustainable returns.

Portfolio management
Our range of services:

  • Property and site inspection in the acquisition phase
  • Quality assurance in property and tenant management
  • Realisation of rental development potential
  • Portfolio and flat modernisation from a market, cost and yield perspective
  • Value optimisation for existing properties and properties for sale
  • Development of exit strategies

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