Real estate investments for private clients

Wealth creation through investments in rented flats

Residential Property is still rated as a safe investment by private as well as institutional clients. On the basis of a trade-off between risk and return real estate provides safety through continuous chances of value appreciation, profitable rental income, and attractive tax benefits.

However, thorough examination of your real estate investment is essential. It ensures that your property will fulfil the desired return expectations and provide a sustainable wealth creation, e.g. for old-age provision.

Therefore our investment recommendation is:

  • Concentrate your investments on cities and areas which are expected to have a good rental demand
  • Reduce fluctuations in value and vacancy risk by investing in affordable housing
  • Use favourable interest rates to settle your investment. This increases investment safety.
  • Real estate is a long-term investment. Purchase price and ancillary acquisition costs will amortize in the long-run.
  • Pay attention to balanced purchase contracts and sufficient securities.
  • Use favourable rent levels for wealth creation


Turning residential properties into value investments.




Real estate special funds

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Open-ended mutual property fund